1938 Mercedes-Benz 540k Spezial Roadster


Maya 2016
Substance Painter

For this project I wanted to create a highly detailed recreation of the vehicle. This required gathering a range of reference for different parts of the vehicle including exterior, interior and engine. 

While working on this project I was also playing through Forza Horizon 3 which set my target for visual quality meaning that enough detail had to be included so you could get up-close to or inside the car and open the hood to view the engine.

"Autovista" version

To produce a model which would allow the player to get up-close and provide the experience the Autovista mode allows in the Forza series, I have created a version of the model which includes extra details which would not be seen or used for an asset used during gameplay. This required using an additional 2048x2048 material set for the interior dashboard details. These details are transferred to the main texture set for the gameplay version to avoid duplication of effort.


Reference image for Interior and dashboard

Reference image for Interior and dashboard


Reference image for left side of engine

Reference image for left side of engine

Reference image for right side of engine

Reference image for right side of engine

Standard version

This version of the asset mostly reuses the work of the Autovista version. The main difference is optimizations to the engine to be much less detailed, but is still included as it is partly visible. Also as previously mentioned the extra detail for the interior and dashboard is incorporated into the main material set for the the rest of the vehicle to ensure it is still visable even though from a greater distance.

Extra renders


During research it was interesting to see that even though not many of this car was produced, there was many different colour combinations available. With some planning of material IDs and material layers in Substance Painter it was easy to replicate these colours and quickly swap colour combinations and capture new renders.




To create an accurate recreation of the vehicle I collected a variety of reference material. This included a set of blueprints along with photographs of the exterior and close ups of details of the interior and engine.