Exteel Minigun


Maya 2016
Substance Painter

Maromset Toolbag 3

A short while ago, when browsing my Pinterest recommendations, I saw a concept image which straight away caught my attention and I was looking for a new project to start. I had also seen a lot of images posted of weapons from recent video games, so I aimed high and used them as a visual guideline. 

To aim for the standard of today's AAA shooters, I also added additional details which are not in the concept, as I felt the reference image from a 2007 game was created with the capabilities of the time in mind. 

I believe my modelling skills are one of my biggest strengths, so for this project I challenged myself to only use the reference image and no blueprint style backgrounds to aid during modelling.

Toolbag 3 Renders

Model Breakdown



Work In Progress Screenshots