Graffiti Arch

Unreal engine 4
Maya 2016

PhotoShop CS6
Quixel Suite 2

This project was spawned from watching a BMX/parkour video on Youtube and instantly found one of the environments very interesting for the base of a project.

I wanted to keep the scope of the project small, so I decide to focus on a section of the scene which can be seen the most in the video.



From studying this material, I was able to look at buildings and landmarks in the background and locate the bridge allowing me to gather further images which was useful for detailing the model and better understand the real life surroundings.


Screenshots from Unreal Engine 4. The characters used are a free model obtained from the web. I have added them to help give the scene a sense of placement and meaning.

Texture authored at 4k and 2k. Downscaled to 512x512 here. In engine the arch material uses 2k albedo with 1k normal and roughness maps, and the ground uses 1k albedo, normal and roughness maps. The rest of the scene is made up of a further 15 materials using a combination of texture sizes between 1k and 512x512.